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Mypharma Sebopharma Pore Efine Fluid


SEBOPHARMA Pore Refining Fluid tightens and reduces the appearance of pores and visibly smooths and evens out the skin surface. This light and fast absorbing fluid, regulates the sebum production due to Salicylic acid and mattifies the unbalanced shiny zones of the face specially the so called “T-Zone” area. The lifting effect that is exerted by a special Lifting bio-complex, smooths the skin surface and enhances its firmness and radiance. The extract of Red Clover flower used in this product benefits of the sebum regulatory and astringent activity that skin needs to minimize the pores dilation and reduce their visibility.The volume of this product is 30 ml

Additional information

Helps to improve and treatment of acne
Removing acne scars
Strong antibacterial

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