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Mypharma Repairing Cream Novopharma


NOVOPHARMA Repairing Cream is an ideal cream to cure everyday the skin injuries of the whole family and to repair, soothe and reduce irritations of damaged or irritated skin. This product leaves a protective film on damaged skin thanks to Sucralfate and prevents bacterial proliferation due to the action of Zinc. It contains a wide range of anti-inflammatory actives like Neutrazen, Calendula Oil, Bisabolol and Niacinamide to immediately soothe the inflamed skin. Chia Seed Extract is capable of delivering exceptional wound healing and anti-irritant benefits while Passion Fruit Seed Oil repairs, regenerates, and soothes weakened and damaged skin. The Centella Extract present in this cream, has been widely used in traditional medicine to treat various skin disorders and minor wounds.

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