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9 steps to decrease face wrinkles:

Taking care of the skin and avoiding premature senility does not certainly require a miracle and the use of different medicinal & non-medicinal methods. By conducting several simple methods, you may lengthen your youth and enjoy wrinkle-free skin. First, join us for conducting these nine steps.

Sleep in a supine position
ADD underlines that certain sleeping positions at night may cause sleep-arising wrinkles. This type of wrinkles leaves deep lines on the skin, which will remain on the skin until you get up. Sleeping on your side increases the wrinkles on your cheeks and chin; and sleeping prone will leave a deep line on the eyebrow area. ADD’s advice is sleeping supine to decrease the trend of forming wrinkles.

Sleep in a supine position

Make use of Reading Glasses
Making use of reading glasses for reading newspaper or book to avoid pressuring your eyes
According to ADD, repetitive mimics such as making efforts for decreasing hyperopia during reading will pressurizing the face muscles and finally cause deep lines below the skin. These grooves will be changed into permanent wrinkles. Therefore, avoid tightening your eyes and wear reading glasses if necessary. Be careful with choosing sunglasses as it plays a vital role in protecting the skin surrounding the eyes against harms arising from sunlight and preventing hyperopia.

Do not forget using AHAs
These natural acids existing in fruits destroy dead cells and help decrease thin lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. New scientific evidences show that such acids in higher densities help provoke collagen production.
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Consume cocoa instead of coffee
According to the studies, researchers have found out that cocoa contains high levels of de flavanol (epicatechin & catechin) thus protecting the skin against detriments arising from sunlight, improving blood circulation, decreasing hydration, helping the skin delicacy & softness. What an enjoyable advice.

Do not wash your skin too much
According to dermatologists in Maryland Medical University, refined water removes not only natural fats but also skin moisture which protects it against wrinkles. Therefore, with these materials being excessively washed away, you destroy your protective shield against wrinkles. Make use of skin protection agent-bearing soaps otherwise the best choice is to substitute ordinary face washes with special face washes.

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Try Vitamin C
The studies conducted in Tulane University as other scientific findings show that Vitamin C can increase collagen production, protect the skin against UAV and UVB Rays, remove the problems related to skin pigments, and improve the skin irritation. Vitamin C you use is very important. Until now, most of the scientific studies introduce Ascorbic Acid as the most powerful factor in removing skin wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Consume more soybeans
Researches show that soy could protect the skin or treat certain detriments arising from sunlight.
According to the findings issued in the European Nutrition Magazine, supplements existing in soy (which are also found in different kinds of vitamins, fish proteins, white tea extracts, grape seed, and tomato) improve the structure and consistency of the sin only after six-month consumption.

Observe the primary principles for taking care of the sin
If you want to protect the youthfulness of your skin, you had better pay attention the primary advices of the specialist.
You may have heard such advices before, but repeating them is useful.
– Avoid staying under direct sunlight
– Make use of sunscreen creams
– Do Not Smoke
– Make use of moisturizing creams

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