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color trends for cosmetics

Cosmetics Color Trends

In the fall and winter, classic makeup, with red lips and smokey eye makeup, catches everyone’s attention. Still in the fashion world, this makeup continues to compete vigorously, challenging fashion designers. However, always trying out color trends can change your look and invite the world around you to a new challenge. A combination of colors in your lipstick or nail polish and match it to a graceful dress can transform brilliance into a new concept.

A mysterious winter, with cosmetics color trends

This winter, Penton’s offer for the makeup world is to use deeper and more intense colors to bring beauty to the face.

Pantone Incognito color palette for winter

Color trends offered by the mysterious palette of the fashion world are mostly focused on dynamic textures such as matte metal, smokey metal, and mineral rainbow.


pantone color trends


The combination of cosmetics color trends and art

Accentuation of the red color along with the black eye shadow and the suggested trend colors creates a lovely and attractive combination.

Black Diamond’s suggestion for cosmetics color trends

Color trends, along with red and black, dark eyeshadows, and using lipstick with vibrant color can enhance your beauty sparkle.


Give your eyes the color trends along with the eye pencils numbers 05, 07, and 08.


my eye liner


STAY MATT Lipstick

This lipstick creates a matte and prominent look on your lips, and its numbers 22, 23, and 24, with a soft velvety texture on your lips, will add a great blend of color to your face. Colors 21 and 28 can make your face look better in a gathering or a friendly meeting.

SATIN LUXE Semi-Matte Lipstick

An attractive, matte, and velvety look along with the color trends with the choice of SL 02, SL 03 Satin Luxe lipstick colors, makes life look like a diamond in your face. With SL 09 color, life will flow in your lips.

SEMI MATT Chubby Stick

The smokey and lovely makeup is complemented by this lipstick. Colors 11, 12, 15, and 18 are Black Diamond’s suggestion to stay with the latest trends in the makeup world.


This lipstick will give you a matte lip without changing or a heavy feeling on the lip. With 03, 04, and 05 colors along with color trends, your face will be much more beautiful. The colors 06, 07, and 08 double the beauty of your lips.


407, 802, and 859 colors as a base color for a French manicure or used alone can bring you closer to the color trends.

MATT MAKEUP Cream Foundation

This cream foundation for oily skin provides good coverage with your favorite color to your skin and using it along with red or pink lipstick, and eyeshadow of cosmetics color trends doubles your beauty.



Everything in makeup is not just about color trends!

Indeed, the choice of color trends in the world of fashion and makeup can help you be up-to-date with the makeup and colors you choose. But it’s best to keep in mind that makeup first and foremost should match your facial components and skin color and make your facial lines more beautiful.

What makes you more beautiful is recognizing the facial features and using the right color to enhance those features. If the color trends of the makeup world are not suitable for you, do not use them. With the freedom in the world of colors, make your beautiful face more beautiful and prove that the trend of the world is nothing more than your will.

Although your beauty is not dependent on the color trends, using them to match the color of your face and skin color indicates that you are up to date. What makes you more beautiful is the choice of dark and light colors to suit your skin, and paying more attention to color trends can keep you away from beauty.

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